Back in 2011 Marie Claire launched an article about a land located in the far eastern hemisphere that had been producing and eventually copying French and Japanese products for so long that they finally began to innovate. The once third-world country was called South Korea and those innovations included lash extensions, sheet masks, cushion compacts and human stem cell growth factors that would catapult South Korea nearly 12-14 years ahead of the rest of the world according to famed Aesthetician and Cosmetic Chemist Mary Schook.



Schook had been a catalyst to the Korean Beauty industry because packaging had finally modernized and the Korean government had sunk millions of dollars to propel trade.


While Korean innovation has slowed due to political climate, the Korean Beauty Expert is here to help guide you past the thousands of brands tumbling out of Korea.


Our mission is to prevent an epidemic of skincare fatigue caused by companies marketing 10-Step beauty programs and dangerous skincare ingredients.


Welcome to the Korean Beauty Expert!